How do I reset the password on my Toshiba laptop?

Problem: I forgot my password on my Toshiba laptop. It says that I need to have made a password recovery disk before i forgot the password but i didn’t. i have a USB drive but I just neglected to make the recovery disk. There are 2 user accounts on this computer but I can’t download things because of the account that needs the password. Is it possible for me to create the password recovery disk afterwards or is there anything else I can do to change this password without having to download software. It is a windows 7 computer.

Chances still exits even you forgot to create a Windows password reset disk in advance. Go to another computer, and then download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional in it. Next you can follow the below directions to create a password recovery disk with a USB flash drive to work around your problem.

1. Launch Windows Password Unlocker Professional.

2. Insert a USB flash drive in the computer.

3. Create a password recovery disk by selecting your USB device and clicking Burn USB button. Please click Yes when
it asks if you are sure to burn the sisk.

4. When the password recovery USB disk is created, click OK.

The whole procedure costs you only a few seconds. Next you can insert the password recovery USB in the computer you wanna reset password of, start it and press Del or other keys to access BIOS. Set USB as the first boot device, save it and exit BIOS. The computer will restart automatically.

Once the computer restarts, you will see Windows Password Unlocker under WinPE. Select target user, click Reset, click Yes to confirm and continue. The password will be reset to blank. Here you can decide to reset another user password or click Reboot button to finish your operations. Please remember to remove the password recovery USB while rebooting. When you see the logon screen, get into the target user without password.

It’s extremely easy, isn’t it? Please note that this program does no harm to your computer data and settings. All you computer data is kept intact after Windows password recovery with created password recovery USB.


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